4 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Trying To Sell Your House Fast in Westfield, MA

1. You’re relying on everyone else to do the work

Yeah, so you hired a real estate agent to list your property. But to be honest, most real estate agents do just that, list your property. They have what they call a fiduciary relationship with you, their client, which essentially means they should always have your best interest in mind and probably should suggest some things you should do to increase the likely hood of selling your house fast. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, no one has as much interest in selling their property as you do. Get online, read blogs, educate yourself on tactics and ways you can sell your house faster than the average seller.

How about this? Pretend like you’re a buyer and look down while walking to your front door. What do you feel and what is the first thing you say or notice when you look up? Sellers are picky and they will latch on to the bad before they latch onto the good, which brings me to my next point.

2. You’re not spending any money before you list your house

This to me might be the silliest and most inexcusable reason for not selling your house fast, if you have a little bit of money to do so. If not, there are still ways to improve what your home looks like without spending a penny. But for those of you who do have a little extra money, spend it! I promise you, you will get your money back at closing. A measly one or two hundred dollars in just paint could go a long way by touching up this wall or that wall, filling this hole, or cleaning this floor.Put yourself in the position of a buyer, and ask yourself what would someone want and what can I do on a budget to appeal to the masses. That is how you sell a house fast.

3. You take the opinion of a single realtor on original listing price, even when you think it’s too high

Do your homework and network a little bit, ask around and ask for some help from people who have been in real estate on what they think the house is worth. Make sure you ask people from the area in which you are planning to sell. Don’t limit this to realtors. Investors have a great idea as well on what things are worth and do not go by appraised values. Do your homework and again, educate yourself on how you can run or research your own comps (comparables) to get an idea of what you think the house is worth. Pick a number your happy with and really research before submitting that first listing price because one of the worst things in real estate is originally listing a price too high because it encourages your home to stay on the market a lot longer than necessary if no one buys.

4. Not knowing about investors

If you need to sell your house fast and need it pronto, in the form of cash, and don’t want to pay closing costs, than don’t forget about investors. Yes, they are investors and are expecting to receive a discount on the property but everyone is in a unique situation and your situation might suggest it would be worth getting the property off your hands and fast for some cash. A lot of investors can close with 7 days and have cash on hand, which can actually save you quite a bit of time and holding costs associated with waiting for a buyer. Of course, this does not work for everyone but it’s an excellent option for people who really just need to get out of their house. The best part is these people know real estate and know people who know real estate. If you can’t agree on something with an investor, ask them about other options and maybe people they can refer themselves too for the price your looking for. A lot of people give investors a bad name and believe me there are some real scummy people out there but there are some real honest people as well.

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