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We Buy Houses Easthampton, MA

The Town of Easthampton is a residential and manufacturing community located in Hampshire County, approximately 14 miles north of Springfield and 96 miles west of Boston. Easthampton’s downtown maintains a New England village character which is an architecturally attractive and historically significant feature of the community. Several firms have headquarters or major plants in Easthampton, including Stanhome, Inc., the National Felt Company, Kellogg Brush Manufacturing Company and Tubed Products, Inc. Easthampton’s location gives the town favorable access to prime transportation routes. Two highway corridors, Routes 10 and 141, serve the town. Route 10 runs north-south and provides direct access to east connecting it with I-91 and the Massachusetts Turnpike.The median home sales for these residents is around $226,000. Although Easthampton, MA may be a somewhat inexpensive place to live, there are many times home owners will just need to sell their house, and sometimes they need to sell their house fast.That is where S&C Homebuyers can help and provide our professional services to get a sellers house sold fast and for cash.

Why Sell to An Investor?

I recently wrote a blog article surrounding this topic in more detail but the simple answer is that it is fast, convenient, and extremely easy without having to go through the complicated process of finding a real estate agent, having it listed, paying the fees and waiting for the house to sell while on the market. Selling to an investor often brings up additional financing opportunities and solutions you would could not get by going the traditional agent route.

What Type of Houses Does S&C Look For?

Other than being a single family residence, we don’t have a “type” of house and there is no set criteria. We will evaluate everyone’s selling needs and try to best come to an agreement that can satisfy both parties.

What is S&C’s Typical Process of Buying a Home?

We outline this on our how it works page and it really is that simple. We remove the complicated process of selling a home and make it very easy for the seller. Once a visit to the property is made, a price is determined, we submit a cash offer to you. We can typically close within 10 days or at a later day of your choice.

Why Sell to S&C Homebuyers?

  1. You can sell your house fast and pay no commissions or fees
  2. Don’t worry about repairs, sell your home as is. It doesn’t matter what the current condition of your home is
  3. No need to have people in and out of your house constantly, marketing to complete strangers
  4. You don’t have to wait MONTHS to close on a property
  5. No paperwork, no headaches
  6. No more paying on a property that you don’t need or want. A way to leave that all behind!
  7. It’s a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller

By filling out our form on the S&C Homebuyers website, you can get the process started simply and easily! Or for a Free Consultation on your house call or write S&C Homebuyers today at 413-314-3583 or SellToSC@sc-homebuyers.com.