Sell Your Tax Default Foreclosure Home Fast Cash in Sixteen Acres Springfield, MA

Tax Default Notices in Sixteen Acres Springfield, MA

Tax Foreclosure

Do you live in Sixteen Acres area of Springfield, MA and are you receiving tax default notices or foreclosure notices? Well do something about it! No excuses. Whether you’ve inherited a house or have a piece of land that sits there, collects dust, and are racking up your tax bill, don’t let the city of Springfield, or bank take back the property. You might as well get somethingfor it. Too many people wait until the last minute to do something with their property, they start receiving order notices in the mail and then by the time you know it, you are being served a foreclosure notice where your right of redemption kicks in. Why get it to that point? In Springfield, the rule is simple, you get a notice you better pay up or find someone to buy your house or property fast and for cash if at all possible. You can’t rely on the house being sold quickly by a realtor especially if it’s land or the house is in bad shape–that time is up–you need it gone, pronto. You will likely need an investor to come in and purchase the property from you.

I actually just finished a deal where I negotiated someone out of foreclosure by offering to pay off his amount to the state and at least give him some cash at closing. This man was was getting kicked out of his house. In this specific case, same thing happened, kept ignoring order notices from the city of Springfield, MA and eventually got the notice that his home was foreclosed on for tax defaults and now the city held legal title to the property and he couldn’t sell it even if he wanted to. Basically, left with zero dollars with no idea where to go. This is where I stepped in and did what I could to mediate the situation. With creative problem solving, we were able to work around the owed tax dollars. (Basically, I paid his taxes for a promise of the property and with approval from city). Once he got us involved he was able to sell his house fast for cash in Sixteen Acres and get this city of Springfield off his back.

If you’re in this situation, call me at (413) 314-3583 or Email! Don’t let your house get foreclosed on! Remember, there is always an option.